The Chiropractic Care

You Need

The Price You Want

The Chiropractic Care

You Need

The Price You Want!


About the Clinic

After 35 years of combined practicing, in every possible environment, we finally realized something. Chiropractic treatment needed to get back to the basics. Somewhere along the line things became too complicated and complication does nothing to help the patient feel better and actually get better.

The time had come to simplify.


Chiropractic patients in downtown phoenix need and want effective, high quality chiropractic treatments, delivered quickly and at a fair price.

We are a satellite clinic of Health Coach, located just two blocks away, so if you want to use your insurance we can treat you as well. But the $25 Chiropractic solution also works perfect for those with bad insurance (high deductibles) or no chiropractic insurance coverage at all.

Working with MDs, PTs, therapists – that all has its time and place – but we felt the time had arrived for an automated and simplified chiropractic clinic in downtown Phoenix – so here we are!”

Troy Counselman, DC
Judd Lee DC

The Simple Solution

What is really required to provide an effective chiropractic treatment?

Other than the doctor’s experienced hands, a chiropractic table and a place to put that table, do we really need a huge expensive office, lots of staff and lots of complications? We don’t think so!

We do not answer phone calls, as we don’t have front desk staff, but we will return messages 2X per day and we love email! Keeping our overhead to a minimum allows us to provide you the same quality care you expect but without charging you a fortune that most clinics have to charge just so they can cover that useless high overhead!

It's that easy!


(which will guarantee a ‘no waiting’ time slot)
or just stop in during our regular hours

By keeping it simple you get what you want – quality chiropractic – yet at a very fair price!